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    High-expansion, double-lock, multi-grip blind structural rivet

    High-expansion, double-lock, multi-grip blind structural rivet

    Titanox is expanding its rivet range with a new blind structural rivet that combines the advantages of wide expansion and multi-grip. Developed and manufactured under the group’s own brand name, RIVELIT®, these rivets are designed for applications that require a secure and resistant structural assembly.

    The new Titanox RIVELIT® rivet is a non-removable structural rivet, which can withstand significant force of 865 kg in the pull-out direction and 1,590 kg shear. It is also highly resistant to vibrating environments. Equipped with a double lock, the mandrel is trapped in the rivet body, thereby ensuring a high level of assembly reliability.

    The rivet is assembled blind and therefore only requires access to one side of the parts to be assembled.  Its easy and quick installation offers a higher productivity compared to a traditional screw, washer and nut assembly.

    Dual technology

    Multi-grip with high expansion, the new RIVELIT® rivet combines two technologies: multi-grip technology, enabling the rivet to be installed in materials of varying thicknesses, and large counter head technology, which enables constant tightening and grip. Strong grip does not alter the parts to be assembled and guarantees a watertight assembly.

    This rivet has been developed in response to customer requests and is particularly suitable for use in the manufacture of trucks and trailers, electrical cabinets, agricultural equipment, railway equipment, ventilation systems or solar panels.

    Made of steel, diameter 6,4 mm, it is available in three lengths of 14.2mm, 15.5mm and 20.5mm, covering grip ranges of 2.5 to 9.5mm, 4.7 to 11.1mm and 9.5 to 15.8mm respectively.

    Double-lock structural rivet:

    1-Breaking point always flush with the head from the minimum to the maximum grip range

    2-Significant expansion of the counter head, which ensures strong grip and tight assembly.

    3-Mandrel providing high shear strength.

    4- Mandrel ring whose position varies according to the grip range.

    5- Grooved mandrel that ensures the double locking of the mandrel