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    Products around major brands

    Titanox : big brands, added expertise.

    To ensure our customers get the best quality products, Titanox Fastening Technologies only works with the biggest brands, which are all tested and approved by our teams in advance. That is also our strength. These brands include SmalleySouthcoHBSTappex or Rivelit® for whom we are approved distributors and for whom we are proud to provide the added value of an expert in fastenings.

    With Titanox you get fast service and technical assistance to assess your needs and help you to choose how to implement the technical solution. The manufacturing plant for our RIVELIT brand meets the standards of ISO 9001, AS 9100 and ISO /TS 16949.

    Thanks to our expertise, our customers enjoy flawless distribution !

    We work with all sectors of industry: railways, lifting machines, construction, medical, electrical, aeronautics, military, food processing or even offshore applications.


    RIVELIT® is the high-performance and exhaustive, standard or bespoke, riveting brand developed by Titanox. Our rivets are used in all sectors of industry: automotive, electronics, air processing, lighting, domestic appliances, etc. They combine quality and competitive pricing and are positioned as one of the largest ranges of rivets in the world, with ISO 9001 V2015 compliant European technology.

    Extent of the range

    RIVELIT® offers five ranges of products: blind rivets, pins and collars, speed rivets, blind rivet nuts and fitting tools. Easy to use, ergonomic, high precision, high production rates, increased productivity, and reduced assembly costs are the main advantages.


    Made-to-measure parts

    Titanox uses cold forming and machining to create the technical fastenings that we offer to our customers.

    This is why we advise our customers to contact us for any non-standardised parts that are not included in our catalogues. In most industrial companies, purchasing customised parts is usually managed for a family other than screws or fastenings. Titanox can often provide a solution for a part obtained by cold forming that a customer would be more used to ordering from a turner. If you accept some changes to tolerance, this can result in major savings.


    Varied alloys

    Although transforming steel, brass or stainless steel is not unusual, the technologies used by Titanox allow us to offer you fastening products in aluminium alloys such as 7075, 5754 or 6061, titanium, hastelloy, inconel, bronze, or beryllium-copper.

    Aluminium alloy screws offer many benefits, of which the greatest are lightness and strength, corrosion resistance, total non-magnetism and aesthetics through colouring by anodising or lacquering.

    Our values

    Titanox expertise

    For more than 60 years, Titanox has been a specialist in fastening systems with high added value, with an expertise that is integrated into all of our product lines. In particular:

    • RIVELIT® blind rivets and blind rivet nuts
    • SOUTHCO access solutions,
    • HBS welding studs and machines
    • SMALLEY flat wire waved retaining rings and elastic washers,
    • Cage nuts,
    • TAPPEX inserts for plastics and composite materials,
    • Made-to-measure screws in any metals.

    With its new brand Titanox Fastening Technologies, the Fodor Industries Group is confirming its vocation as a specialist in fastening systems with high added value and offers technical expertise in all of its product lines. With a large documentary database and extensive testing means, this expertise offers you a very wide range of solutions, for all types of fastening systems.

    Designing and developing a bespoke solution

    By permanently seeking technical improvements, we are able to provide our customers with the expertise to create solutions that meet all of their needs by offering specific developments. Our team is tasked with advising our customers so that they use the techniques and products that best meet their assembly needs, and offering high performance logistics solutions to deliver these products. A product line expert also guides every design office for new developments.

    Technical expertise

    • Titanox offers you additional technical value for all of our products through specific technical developments, according to technical specifications.
    • All of the assembly systems on our site offer improved and consistent quality for fitting, so that they are safe and ecological.
    • We work with a wide range of installation tools so that we can meet all your needs for mid to high volume production.
    • Skilled experts are on-hand and ready to assist our customers.
    Our principles

    Guidance and customer focus


    Advice and customer service

    The whole Titanox team is at your disposal to advise you, make your life easier and offer you the best technical solutions. Contact us on +33 (0)1 34 11 79 60! From Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.30 pm (CET), the sales administration department and office based pre-sales department are ready to help; feel free to ask them your questions !

    Ready to meet any challenge

    Titanox, offers you a single, high-performance point of contact that is ready to act quickly and that can offer: stock availability, quick delivery, technical expertise, and after sales service in France.

    Through its subsidiaries around the world, Titanox can assist you in Europe, the Middle East and in Asia. Through its three logistics platforms, Titanox offers its customers stock that is available locally, high-performance customer service and responsive technical support.

    Under the world map

    Titanox sells its own Rivelet range in more than 40 counties and is also continuing its international expansion with the creation of Titanox Turkey in 2017.


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