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    Tappex Thread Inserts Limited was founded in September 1956 by Derrick Barnsdale. Since its very modest beginnings in a refurbished barn in Stratford-upon-Avon (GB), the company has prospered and developed so that it now occupies modern manufacturing facilities. The Tappex Group also includes Pressavon Ltd: a stamping and sub-assembly company, as well as its subsidiaries in Sweden and Finland for technical sales and distribution in Northern Europe.

    With more than 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing inserts for most plastics, wood, light metal alloys and now composites, Tappex threaded inserts are used in very diverse environments and applications, across the whole world, and in particular in the automotive, aerospace, industrial machines, injection moulding, offshore, medicine, rail transport, submarine and even satellite equipment sectors. Now under the management of Tim Barnsdale, Tappex is one of the most successful manufacturers of special fastening components, and the Tappex brand is widely recognised for its technical excellence and its profitable fastening solutions.

    Tappex manufactures threaded inserts of its own design in-house. Watch out for cheap imitations and copies that are supposedly manufactured “under license”.

    Tappex has over 35 million standard inserts available in stock.

    Titanox has chosen and distributes Tappex in France.

    The Tappex range includes a large range of threaded inserts in brass and steel (including stainless steel): 24 “families” including many shapes and sizes from metric M1.4 to M30 (with many threads that are equivalent to metric and Unified standards also available). Tappex inserts are suitable for most grades of thermoplastics, thermosets, structural foams, wood and composite materials, including carbon fibres. Tappex also offers sorted threaded inserts as well as customised products or variants on standard products to meet customers’ specific mechanical requirements.

    The continued success of Tappex does not depend just on its threaded inserts for plastics and light alloys. Tappex has also designed cold formed male threaded studs known as SplayMould®, for moulding-in with high torque / pull-out performance.

    Titanox can also provide cold-forged grooved pins, thread-forming screws for thermoplastics and bespoke rivet nuts.

    Please feel free to contact us for all your applications.