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    CFT capacitor discharge weld studs
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      CFT capacitor discharge weld studs

      Threaded welding studs that are very simple to fit.
      Ideal for all metal sheet applications.The most economical laying method.

      CFT capacitor discharge weld studs : a practical solution for sheet metal fastening

      CFT capacitor discharge weld studs offer a fast, practical solution for a variety of sheet metal applications. They are available in a range of materials and can be installed without drilling or tapping. These studs represent an economical and efficient option for fastening needs.

      Quick and easy installation

      CFT capacitor discharge weld studs can be installed quickly and easily, without the need for prior drilling or tapping. This simplified installation method saves time and resources when assembling sheet metal parts. What’s more, the absence of drilling prevents sealing problems. This speed of installation is particularly advantageous in time-sensitive production environments.

      Material versatility

      CFT capacitor discharge weld studs are available in copper-plated steel, A2 and A4 stainless steel, aluminum and brass. They offer a wide range capable of adapting to many environments and requirements. Whether for applications requiring corrosion resistance or light weight, there’s a material to suit every need. And stud sizes range from M3 to M10.

      Solid fastening

      In addition to their ease of installation and adaptability, CFT capacitor discharge weld studs offer other significant advantages. They provide solid, reliable fastening, contributing to the safety and durability of assembled structures. What’s more, their special design makes them resistant to vibration and shock. This makes them ideal for environments where stability and reliability are essential.

      Why choose CFT capacitor discharge welding studs?

      CFT capacitor discharge welding studs offer a practical, economical and versatile solution for sheet metal applications. Quick and easy to install, and available in a wide range of materials and sizes, these studs offer unrivalled efficiency and ease of use for a variety of projects.

      Please contact our product expert for more information on how CFT studs can meet your specific sheet metal fastening needs.

      • Class 4.8 weldable mild steel.
      • Dim.: M3 x 6 to M8 x 50, sometimes M10 – Stainless steel A2-50.
      • Size: M3 x 6 to M8 x 50, sometimes M10 – AlMg3 Aluminum.
      • Size: M3 x 6 to M6 x 40, sometimes M8 – MS63 Brass, M3 to M6.

      No drilling or threading.

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