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    Rivelit® POLYFOND ring bolts
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      RIVELITRivelit® POLYFOND ring bolts

      Structural bolts can be used for fast and robust assembly of parts with different thicknesses and made from different materials.
      Pins and collars.Assembling panels, large head, drip and spray tight.

      Rivelit® POLYFOND Ring Bolts: Solid fastening for counterplates and poly ceilings

      Rivelit® POLYFOND ring bolts offer a superior fastening solution for composite panel assemblies, combining shear strength and watertightness. Manufactured from high quality steel, these bolts provide a strong, durable hold, suitable for a wide range of applications.

      Resistance and durability

      Designed to withstand the highest stresses, Rivelit® collar bolts are distinguished by their exceptional ability to withstand shear, ensuring strong, secure fastening of composite panels. The quality of the steel used in their manufacture gives them unrivalled resistance, even in harsh environments.

      Simplified installation

      The installation of ring bolts is designed to be quick and efficient, thanks to the use of a riveting machine equipped with a specific pulling head. This method provides a solid assembly of the plywood and polycrete parts, with the need to access both sides of the support for optimum fixing.

      Maximum tightness

      One of the key features of bolts with bushes is their ability to provide a perfect seal, thanks to the attached washer located under the head of the shank. This property is essential for protecting materials against water ingress, ensuring the longevity and integrity of structures.

      Versatility of use

      Ring bolts are particularly useful for securing plywood and polyfloors in the construction of van trailers, refrigerated trucks and other industrial applications. Their 10 mm diameter and robust construction make them reliable for projects requiring solid, secure fastening.

      Trusted Choice for Industrial Fasteners

      Opting for Rivelit® collar bolts means choosing a reliable and versatile fastening solution capable of meeting the most stringent composite panel assembly requirements. Their strength, ease of installation and watertightness make them an ideal choice for a variety of industrial projects.

      For more information about our collar bolts and how they can meet your specific needs, contact our product expert today.

      Diameter 10.0 mm.

      Fast and reliable assembly of panels for industrial coach building, without damaging the support material and requiring no special expertise, watertight with its washer, large domed head, mandrel and ring made from steel.

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      Ideal for assembling panels.

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