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    Slide 3832TR
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      ACCURIDESlide 3832TR

      Full-extension slide, load capacity up to 45Kg.

      Slide Accuride 3832TR

      Specifically designed for light loads up to 50kg, the 3832TR slide is an alternative to the DZ 3832. The main difference is that it features a “touch latch” mechanism for opening and closing. By gently pressing on the drawer front, this mechanism allows the drawer to be pulled out by around 45 mm. The release force is 22N.

      This telescopic slide is appropriate for a wide range of applications in residential, commercial and even industrial settings : such as furniture drawers, medical drawers, point-of-sale trays, vehicle interior storage… It is particularly recommended for aesthetic applications, as it eliminates the need for knobs and handles. Available in a wide  range of lengths.

      Versatile, it has 100% full extension and is compatible with both traditional and 32mm pitch drilling. This makes it a universal slide for cabinet drawers where a side-mounted slide is required.

      The slide is also equipped with an integrated quick-release lever so that the user can disconnect the inside arms of the slide attached to the drawer from the rest of the slide, which is attached to the cabinet. This system facilitates tool-free assembly and disassembly.

      The DZ 3832TR slide also features eccentric drawer adjustment. This provides precise vertical adjustment when setting the drawer height.

      The slide also features a hard point in the closed position.

      Finally, an under-shelf bracket accessory kit is available as an option. It consists of two brackets and comes complete with screws, nuts and washers, allowing a variety of mounting options. The brackets can be attached to runners 35 cm or longer.

      Other features are available:

      The slide is manufactured from soft steel with a bright zinc finish and is 12.7mm thick. The recommended operating temperature for this telescopic slide is between -20 and +70 degrees Celsius.

      The right and left slides are symmetrical, so the levers move in the same direction when the pair of slides is installed. These slides are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.

      Note :

      This slide is only suitable for field mounting, not flat mounting.

      For more information, please contact our product expert.

      Profile 12.7X45.7 with lengths from 305mm to 711mm and drawer depths from 300mm to 700mm.

      DZ version 12-hour salt spray resistance.

      DB version 96-hour salt spray resistance.

      TOUCH/RELEASE system. Available in bright zinc, black zinc and white lacquer.

      Our advice

      Ideal for corrosive environments.