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    Slide DP9301
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      ACCURIDESlide DP9301

      Full-extension slide load capacity up to 272 kgs.

      Slide Accuride DP9301

      The DP9301 slide is made of mild steel with a bright zinc-coated finish. It offers key advantages to both customers and end-users.

      High-precision profiling technology gives this slide a high load capacity of up to 272 kg for 10,000 cycles.

      Ideal for a variety of heavy applications. They guarantee that your machines, vehicles, sliding doors and storage systems operate to the highest standards, with an elegant, professional appearance.

      High-capacity slides offer an ideal solution to your needs, whatever the industry, from transport to medical. They’re ideal for store displays, industrial machinery, emergency vehicle storage and many other applications. Opting for high-capacity slides can therefore prove highly beneficial.

      The 9301 slide provides full extension for maximum opening. Flat mounted installation is possible up to 711mm. On the other hand, load capacity will be reduced by 60-80%.

      Other features are available:

      Thanks to the high quality of its stainless steel balls, the slide’s sliding performance is superior. The food-grade grease ensures optimum lubrication and prevents friction. The slide is highly flexible and corrosion-resistant. Special treatment ensures resistance to up to 500 hours of exposure to salt spray.

      The temperature of use for this slide is recommended between -20 and +70 degrees.

      An optional under-slide bracket accessory kit is also available, suitable for various types of mounting. It comprises 2 brackets and comes complete with screws, nuts and washers.

      For locking in closed position and/or locking in open position for large-capacity wide drawers and mobile applications. DBHAND handle recommended.

      Slides are sold individually, which is an advantage if you’re looking for an odd number.

      Rolling quality, maintenance-free life, load capacity and reliability are the main advantages of this product range.

      For more information, please contact our product expert.

      Profile length 19.1 to 76.2 mm from 254 to 1219.20 mm with drawer depth from 254 to 1219.20 mm.

      Temperature range -20 to 70 ºC.

      An optional DB HAND handle system is also available.

      Our advice

      This slide is ideal for corrosive environments.

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