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    Heavy-duty repeating rivet – Topriv ®
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      RIVELITHeavy-duty repeating rivet – Topriv ®

      Speed blind rivet, automatic feed, high assembly strength ensuring a perfect clamping of parts to be assembled thanks to the bulbed tail created during fitting.
      Automatic feed, high productivity.With no residual mandrel, high assembly strength, flush, aluminium.

      Topriv ® heavy-duty rivets ensure constant clamping of the parts to be joined thanks to the expansion of their preformed counter-head during installation. The entry chamfer at the front of the rivet makes it easy to insert into the drill hole.

      An accumulated rhythm

      The principle behind repeat rivets, also known as speed rivets, is based on a semi-automatic feeding system. Rivets loaded onto a needle arrive automatically at the setting nose at an average rate of 70 rivets per minute. This is twice as fast as traditional blind rivets.

      A safe installation system

      After installation, no residual mandrel remains in the fastener. This avoids any risk of damage due to corrosion, vibration or short-circuiting.

      Improved assembly quality

      Automatic feeding of the Topriv ® rivet ensures perfect seating and rigorously constant tightening.

      Similarly, the setting principle frees up one hand for the user. This ensures that the rivets do not fall to the ground or into the application. This improves the quality and safety of the workstation.

      The flexibility of a wide range of rivets

      The Topriv ® range has been designed to meet all our customers’ needs.

      Topriv ® rivets can be manufactured in aluminium, steel, stainless steel or brass.

      In addition, Topriv ® rivets are available in a variety of diameters, from 2.4 mm to 6 mm, and rivet body lengths: from 4 mm to 12.4 mm.

      Finally, you can use rivets with different types of nose: short, long and curved, with concave or flat nose profiles.

      On request, a surface treatment (lacquering, anodising and galvanising) can be applied to the rivets to improve their characteristics against corrosion or to change the colour.

      Suitable packaging

      Rivets can be supplied in paper strips or pre-loaded onto disposable needles. These disposable needles can be single or double length. The double-length version is more productive because it reduces the number of loads.

      A wide range of applications

      Topriv® applications include industrial sheet metal, telecommunications, household appliances, automotive, new energies, electrical cabinets, air conditioning and heating….

      For more information, please contact our product expert.

      Aluminum and steel diameter 3.2 to 4.0 mm.

      Automatic feed, high productivity, single-sided access, fast, reliable assembly without damaging the support material and requiring no special expertise, high assembly strength, countersunk head.

      Our advice

      Higher productivity, flush assembly.